English for the Classroom

Would you like to provide additional English instruction to your child?  Are you a student seeking additional help yourself? We provide after-school instruction to help you improve your English grade or prepare for an English test in your school. This course is available for elementary school, middle school and high school students. Courses are offered in the following formats:




Course themes are selected to coincide with what is currently being taught in the classroom and your class text book will be used as a basis for instruction. This means that what you learn in the lesson can be directly applied in the classroom.
In order to achieve the best results, we suggest that Buddy and Private Groups be formed with your classmates or friends who are using the same course books.
Such a lesson is not possible in other after-school programs where lesson participants from different schools with different course books and different course objectives are mixed together. In our courses the entire lesson is relevant to you and not just the 10 minutes of personal attention you get at other group lessons.
Form a group with one or more classmates and save money!