"Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things,

 but learning another way to think about things."

Flora Lewis (1918-2002) American Journalist


Don’t get left high and dry!

The "Global Village" is not just a trendy expression anymore. The world is truly getting smaller and smaller and the need for proficiency in multiple languages is continually increasing. English is very often the common language for business relationships – whether within Europe or with Asia. English also spills into our everyday lives via marketing slogans, advertisements, and product labeling.
SpeechWave can help you stay afloat in this ever increasing English wave. We’re your source for English language training and translation!
SpeechWave offers a range of English language courses in both standard and business English for various target groups – from students to adults – in all skill levels. For more information about available course types, please refer to the menu categories.
SpeechWave also provides opportunities for you to use your English skills outside the classroom in order to build your confidence with the language, speed up your learning process and just for fun. Check out our Events and Specials page for all the latest activities!